Construction admin

You will have questions for sure.

Construction Administration begins after the contract is signed with the builder/contractor. It ensures the proper execution of the approved drawings and contract.

Based on your needs and contract with the Architect, the Architect can observe construction and approve materials and procedures.

The Architect will work with the contractor to solve problems that may arise. The Architect will verify status of work complete.

Finally, the Architect will inspect the project for conformity and level of completion before final payment.

There are many advantages to hiring the designing Architect for this phase. The Architect is the most familiar with the drawings and specifications.

Building a structure or doing an addition can be a long and detailed process. It is beneficial to hire someone to monitor this phase.

Here is a list of some items that have to be completed on a timely basis. While the contractor is expected to do many, it is a good idea to have someone else checking the contractor.

  • Weekly Inspections: for the owner and with municipal inspectors
  • Sub Contractor Drawings: kitchen plan, cabinets, library, etc.
  • Utility Connections: power, phone, gas, etc.
  • Product Selection: floors, light fixtures, hardware, appliances, etc.
  • Loan/Bank Inspection: if financed with a construction loan
  • Inspections For Payments: the contractor will ask for payments
  • Final Walk Through: this includes preparing a final punch list
  • As Built Drawings: if there were any changes along the way
  • Final Payment